Salt Lake Tour from Cappadocia

Salt Lake Tour from Cappadocia attract tourists with their breathtaking and unique nature. The lake has a very high salinity, which makes it resemble a desert due to the white salt covering its surface. When the water evaporates, a layer of salt remains, creating stunning landscapes.

The Salt Lake Tour from Cappadocia offers an opportunity to explore this unique landscape. You will be able to walk on the salty plains and enjoy the breathtaking views. The pristine crystalline salt formations, the mirror-like reflections on the lake’s surface, and the panoramic views of the surrounding area create an unforgettable atmosphere.

Additionally, during the excursion, you will learn more about the salt mining process, which has been practiced in this region for centuries. You will discover traditional methods of salt extraction as well as modern technologies used today.

A wonderful addition to this tour is a visit to the underground city of Tatlarin, which was discovered by scientists in 1974. The well-preserved settlements date back to the 11th century AD and provide a fascinating glimpse into the lifestyle and culture of that time.

Price Includes

  • Hotel transfers to/from hotels in Goreme and surrounding areas.
  • Entrance tickets to the attractions.
  • Guided tour services in English.
  • Insurance coverage up to €300,000.

Price Excludes

  • Personal Spendings

Things to bring with you

  • Comfortable clothing and footwear
  • Money for personal expenses