Fethiye Dalyan Tour

Excursions to Dalyan from Fethiye are among the most popular, and this is because such a comprehensive tour includes numerous impressive stops and attractions.

After exploring the attractions and surroundings of Fethiye and enjoying the beach, it’s worth considering interesting and educational excursions that allow you to see a completely different side of Turkey. Visiting mineral thermal springs, healing mud baths, taking a cruise along the Dalyan River, visiting İztuzu Beach where you can spot giant turtles in the river, and exploring the ruins of ancient civilizations are just a few highlights.

Excursions to Dalyan from Fethiye will provide you with a wealth of vibrant experiences and emotions, and the photos taken along the excursion route will not only serve as reminders of that happy day but also inspire new adventures. Visiting Dalyan will reveal new facets of Turkey. The excursion includes a rich and captivating program, which you can explore in more detail on our website or by contacting our operators.