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Fethiye Jeep Safari

One of the most dynamic and exciting excursions in Fethiye is the jeep safari, which fills you with positive emotions, vibrant impressions, and a burst of energy. It is suitable for both adults and children.

On the jeep safari in Fethiye, you can expect not only to traverse mountainous terrain in open off-road vehicles, explore the local flora, and discover ancient civilizations but also experience boundless fun that will stay in your memory for a long time.

The jeep safari will take you to numerous interesting places you may have never even heard of, providing breathtaking views of the Butterfly Valley and the opportunity to see one of Turkey’s most beautiful beaches, the Blue Lagoon. Along the excursion route, there will be a stop at the Saklikent Canyon, which impresses with its grandeur and unique appearance.

We can offer you the most affordable prices for the jeep safari in Fethiye, much lower than what guides at hotels typically quote. Our advantage lies in the fact that we organize most of the excursions ourselves, allowing us to provide you with only the best routes with interesting and engaging stops along the way.

Anyone who desires can experience the freedom and rush of adrenaline while traveling along mountainous serpentine roads in off-road vehicles. We ensure complete safety, using only trusted equipment and gear.

The jeep safari in Fethiye will not only bring you joy and an abundance of unforgettable emotions but also provide you with vibrant photographs that will serve as a reminder of this fun-filled day. The testimonials of our travelers speak volumes about the unforgettable impressions gained from the safari excursion, serving as better advertising than any promotional material.

Included in the price:

  • Hotel transferFethiye and Oludeniz
  • Lunch
  • Insurancecoverage of 300,000€

Additional costs:

  • Personal expenses
  • Drinks

Items to bring:

  • Sun protection accessories
  • Swimwear accessories
  • Money for personal expenses