Fethiye Rhodes Tour

When you’re at our resort, don’t limit yourself to just relaxing within Turkey’s borders, consider taking excursions to Rhodes from Fethiye.

Rhodes is a Greek island where ancient and medieval buildings are remarkably well-preserved, allowing you to explore the history and way of life of ancient civilizations not just through remnants and ruins, but by strolling through the city and its houses. You can visit the Temple of Artemis, see the Church of St. Paul, and explore numerous museums.

Rhodes is a place that boasts a vast number of historically significant monuments, relics, and sculptures. The history of this island is embedded in every stone, allowing you to become part of an entirely different civilization. Excursions to Rhodes from Fethiye provide a unique opportunity to visit two countries, experience the local culture, make comparisons, and discover similarities and distinctive features.

To embark on a tour to Rhodes from Fethiye, you will need a passport as it involves entering another country. If you do not have a Schengen passport, we can assist you in obtaining a temporary visa. However, please note that this process may take up to 5 business days, so it is advisable to book your excursion to the Greek island in advance.

The prices of excursions to Rhodes from Fethiye may vary depending on the tour program and duration. You can find day trips that return to Fethiye in the evening, or you can opt for tickets with an open return date within a 14-day period.